Production and erection of atypical steel structures

Atypical structures - dimensions and forms according to the customer´s wishes, including static design.

Application: Production and storage structures, large shops, sports halls, winter stadiums, halls for agricultural production, multi-purpose halls, embedded floors and so on.

Technical description


  • supporting structure is made from I, U profiles, quality 11373, 11375, 11378, galvanized connecting material

Surface treatment:

  • with water dilutable or synthetic coatings
  • blasting with sharp edged abrasive and coating with zincsilicate colour
  • zinc coating
  • other adjustments according to the customer's wishes



Pad warmed

  • sandwich panels from varnished galvanized sheet with polyuretan, polystyrol or mineral felt
  • double mantle with thermal insulation
  • the width of the thermal insulating layer depends on the required thermal resistance

Not pad warmed

  • corrugated steel varnished galvanized sheet or corrugated alsheet

Opening elements:

  • plastics, aluminium, steel frame, wooden windows - glazed with insulating double-glas or polycarbonate plates
  • roof trans-illumination by the roof skylights or trans-illuminating panels
  • gates: from steel, pad warmed and also not pad warmed, sectional doors, rolling gates, pull-out gates, roll-up gates, electrically and also hand operated


Constructional implementation

Constructional readiness:

  • atypical steel structure - according to the designer´s project


  • according to the customer´s wishes the producer carries out erection of the steel
  • constructions and erections of all sorts of sheathing and opening elements



  • large qualification licence to welding according to DIN 18800 and 15008 according to testing room SL(People´s Assembly) in Hannover
  • certificate according to CRN EN ISO 9002:1995 registration number 053/98


Delivery and business information

For offer processing the producer requires such information:

  • structure sizes, building site (snow and wind area)
  • required sort of sheating and opening elements (thermal resistance, fire rating, colourful execution)
  • requirement on project sketching and static design processing


  • is secured by the producer or the customer after mutual agreement

Supplier: Kovopor Strmilov, s.r.o.