Production and erection of standard steel structures

  • technologic and production halls
  • store halls
  • large market-halls
  • sports halls, winter stadiums
  • supermarkets


Standard steel structures with the span 9, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24 m with any length, max. height 8 m (modulus 6m), also delivery of the crane runway and bridge crane with loading capacity 3, 2 and 5 t, possible adjustments according to the customer's wishes.

The producer offers bending of profiles I, U, L, O, T, then sheet bending to max. width 3 m and thickness 15 mm, works on press brake (max. material width 3m, max. thickness 15 mm), sheet cutting to the thickness of 25 mm and material blasting.


He also offers project sketching, statistic analysis of the steel structures, production and erection sketching, training of the welder operators in own welder school.

Standard row of frames. The frames are constructed as solid frame structures with fixed columns with screw joints. Frames are without linking tie, so the structure room in whole profile can be used.

Technical description


  • supporting structure is made from I, U profiles, quality 11373, 11375, 11378, galvanized connecting material

Surface treatment:

  • with water dilutable or synthetic coatings
  • blasting with sharp edged abrasive and coating with zincsilicate colour
  • zinc coating
  • other adjustments according to the customer's wishes


Pad warmed

  • sandwich panels from varnished galvanized sheet with polyuretan, polystyrol or mineral felt
  • double mantle with thermal insulation
  • the width of the thermal insulating layer depends on the required thermal resistance

Not pad warmed

  • corrugated steel varnished galvanized sheet or corrugated alsheet

Opening elements:

  • plastics, aluminium, steel frame, wooden windows - glazed with insulating double-glas or polycarbonate plates
  • roof trans-illumination by the roof skylights or trans-illuminating panels
  • gates: from steel, pad warmed and also not pad warmed, sectional doors, rolling gates, pull-out gates, roll-up gates, electrically and also hand operated


Constructional implementation

Constructional readiness:

  • standard steel structure - stump with base screws (producer will supply them in advance)


  • according to the customer´s wishes the producer carries out erection of the steel
  • constructions and erections of all sorts of sheathing and opening elements



  • large qualification licence to welding according to DIN 18800 and 15008 according to testing room SL(People´s Assembly) in Hannover
  • certificate according to CRN EN ISO 9002:1995 registration number 053/98


Delivery and business information

For offer processing the producer requires such information:

  • structure sizes, building site (snow and wind area)
  • required sort of sheating and opening elements (thermal resistance, fire rating, colourful execution)
  • requirement on project sketching and static design processing


  • is secured by the producer or the customer after mutual agreement

Supplier: Kovopor Strmilov, s.r.o.